Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekly Update!

So last Thursday (3/18) we saw the Black Eyed Peas at the Houston Rodeo! They were awesome!!!!!! They put on a great show and everyone was up in their seats screaming and dancing! I had so much fun! Friday wasn't too bad at work...just another long quiet Friday!

Allie, Bridget, Kristy & Me at the Carnival!
Fergie Ferg!!!!!

Friday - I don't think we did much Friday night...I can't remember!

Saturday we woke up and went to buy some patio furniture! Its been long overdue! We found a good deal on Craigslist, but unfortunately we had to drive to Katy, in the pouring rain to get it. Poor James was soaked by the time he got it all loaded into the truck. Its nice to have it though!! Cori got car sick on the way home (again) and threw up all over herself as we turned down our street....she has done this a few times.....I'm SICK of cleaning the dang carseat! I guess she's going to be like me when I was little! greeeeeeeeat!

So Saturday afternoon I went and got my 1st tattoo! It was Alexis' idea b/c she wanted one for her birthday and wanted me to go with. I have always wanted one so I said what the heck! It didn't hurt near as bad as I had imagined! I really like it, but its hard to get used to seeing it. I have had so many henna tattoos and now when I look at this one, I keep looking down thinking it is going to be gone like the hennas! Anyway, here is a picture!

Its not done yet. I think eventually I'll add some color to it, and maybe a few smaller stars! It is on my right foot, and I love it! here is a picture of what Alexis got, she made my tattoo look like a loser!! =) her's is on her right rib cage/side! I really like it, she does too! I think she is gonna do some more pink on hers though! This picture kinda makes it look bigger than it is.

Sunday: A friend of mine is going to school to learn massages, facials, waxing and other fun stuff! She needed practice on her facials so she invited Bridget and myself to come and get a facial. It was my first facial and it was amazing!!!!! She is really good at it! She is starting on her massage therapy this week in school and said when she gets done with this section, we can come over so she can practice again! I can't wait!

Tuesday was Alexis' 24th Birthday!! Happy Birthday to Alexis! We went and ate at Chuys and it was delicious! I got a new app on my phone that takes funny pictures, so here we are at dinner!
me, James, Alexis and Jimmy!


  1. Rodeo looked like fun! I am going next year - DEFINITELY!
    I also used to get carsick all the time - I never actually puked but I would get where I'd have to drool in a cup.
    Cute Tattooes and funny pics!