Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So on facebook today a friend brought up some things about Obama and this new healthcare bill - I can't comment too much on that b/c I don't have all the information on it, yet. From what I've heard, it doesnt sound good though. Anyway, someone commented back on his post about how she has 3 kids, doesn't work and will take her kid to the ER for tylenol and then "worry about the bill later" she also said that she is on welfare and accepts food stamps and has no shame in it. Her excuse was "its hard to find a job and pay for daycare for 3 kids" well here was my response to her was a bit rude but its how I felt! I am so worked up over it now, and I don't even know who this girl is! I will add too that I looked through her pictures on her FB account and every single one of them was of her out drinking....can't afford to buy your kids milk and bread but you can afford to go out and party??

My response:
I hate working, I hate getting up 5 DAYS A WEEK to go to work and staying there 9-10 hours each day! I hate it. BUT, I do it b/c I have to. B/c I have myself and a family to take care of. I am SICK of going to work every day, even when my child or myself is sick just to pay my taxes in and get nothing in return. I pay my own health insurance, I pay for my own groceries and pay for daycare for my daughter (among all other living expenses) and there are people out there that don't work, party and drink on the weekends and take MY HARD EARNED TAX MONEY to support their family! There are jobs out there! It may not be the nicest, best job you would want, but there are jobs out there!!!!! If you have no shame in accepting food stamps, why have shame in flipping burgers at McDonald's? Its a job!

Sometimes I think about just giving up - having a few more kids, (we have stopped at 1 b/c we can't afford anymore) quit my job and take advantage of the benefits everyone else is getting - except in my position, I wouldn't be getting anything for free (like everyone else) I would only get what I already paid in........

I understand the point that women want to stay home with their children, trust me, I'd love to do it. But I wouldn't do it if my family couldn't afford it. I woudln't do it if it took going on welfare or getting food pride is just too high for that! I'd rather work hard for the things I have and be proud!

Those are a small bit of my feelings on the whole issue. I didn't even bring up the fact that everyday I drive down a road with government owned housing and the cars in the driveway are WAY nicer than anything I could ever afford (Or even my parents could afford)! It just doesn't add up to me! I am so proud of myself and what I have become. Yes, it has A LOT do do with how I was raised and what I was pushed to do as I was growing up, and I am VERY fortunate and thankful for my upbringing and especially my parents. I push myself now everyday! I want to be proud that I OWN my house and my cars and everything I have! I don't need help to get the things I want. If I have to work harder for extra/leisure, then that's what I do! I don't rely on anyone else to pick up the tab on my life! I do not consider myself to be better than anyone and I understand some people aren't as fortunate as I was/am but I feel like there are a lot of people that don't try the least bit and that frustrates me SO much! I just think if people did more for themselves they would feel better about things and have a better outlook on life!

I can't believe this person I don't even know has got me so upset, but I don't think it is her personally its the whole group. I have had these feelings for a long time, and only the people closest to me have heard my views on it, but its time to put it down on paper. I'm tired of feeling like I should sensor what I say (at least to this topic) to avoid hurting someones feelings.

On a side note: If I can only teach my children the value of earning things on your own and working for the things you have and want, and taking care of yourself and your family and the responsibilities that you have willingly taken on (like my parents did for my brother and I) my job as a parent will be successful!


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