Monday, March 1, 2010

Houston Zoo!

James, Cori and I packed up and went to the zoo on Saturday! We had such a great time and the weather was PERFECT for the zoo! Nice and Sunny, and about 75 degrees all day with a nice breeze! Cori was still a little small to really enjoy her time there, but just being outside and out walking around was enough for her! We took lots of pictures and saw all the animals!! Cori's favorite part seemed to be the reptile room - she was up against the glass looking at the turtles, trying to touch the snakes and alligators! No fear! We rode on the carousel and she enjoyed that too! My favorite part was seeing her get so excited to touch the goats in the petting zoo! They had brushes to brush the animals, and she did such a great job! When we entered the zoo, they have photographers there to take you picture as a family! It was such a cute picture, I couldn't help myself but to spend $15 (OUTRAGEOUS) on it! I will scan and add it later! Here are a few pictures from our trip!
Now for the bad part of our weekend! Saturday evening Cori started with a low fever and being really lazy. I just figured it was from her big day outside at the zoo, and only about 30 mins of nap, all day. We were at my brothers for dinner so I just put her in the guest room to go to bed. She was fine and slept all night over there (we all just spent the night) but Sunday morning, she crawled in bed with James and I and threw up all over me! We decided to pack up and go home (it was early, around 6:45am) she threw up once more when we got out of the truck, in the driveway. I thought maybe she had a bug. Her fever was on and off yesterday but she was playing and acting like nothing was wrong. She had 2 very long naps yesterday so I figured she was just catching up on some sleep! Well bed time came around, no fever so I sent her to bed. She woke up crying around 2am so I went in to check on her, and she was burning up! Her temp was 103. I changed her out of her warm fleece pajamas into a cotton t shirt and gave her some more Tylenol....checked on her about 3am and her temp was down to 99. When we got up at 7, the first reading I got on the thermometer was 104 - I was in shock. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that is TOOOO high! I looked online for what temp was dangerous for babies and they said 103 was high, so I fed her more Tylenol and stayed home with her today. I got her a Dr. appointment for this afternoon. I read that high unexplained fevers can mean some type of internal infection rather it be a bladder, or possibly a UTI. I started reading about the UTI's and that sounds like what she may have. I feel so horrible for her, I know she isn't feeling good, but she can't tell me. Hopefully the Dr. can fix her up...I hate giving her so much Tylenol! I'll update this afternoon or tomorrow oh what the Dr. says!


  1. The zoo sounded like fun! Can't wait for 75 degree weather so we can take Kensley!

    And keep us posted on Cori- I hate that she is feeling bad!! Let us know what the dr. says!!