Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before & After

Okay!! So I'm pretty much done in my bathroom! I tapped and started painting on Saturday and James helped me finish up on Sunday. What a sweet boy! I learned from this experience that I could spend HOURS upon HOURS in Hobby Lobby! Sorry for my sucky point and shoot camera quality pictures, but you get the point. I tried my best to do the same shots so you can see before & after. I think if you click on the pictures, they may get bigger. Our paint job isn't perfect and the ceiling needs to be touched up in a few places, but we discussed getting crown molding put in so the touch ups may not be necessary.

I still need to get the faucets and light figured changed out. That is next on the list.

I made the curtains, and although they aren't the exact color of the paint, I don't hate them. The paint is a little more RED then I expected...I was hoping for a few shades darker. Oh, and after 3.5 years, James FINALLY put a bulb above the shower!

We installed a toilet paper holder & towel rack & got a new trashcan, hamper, and basket on toilet for mommy's "goods" that I do not miss using while pregnant =). I still need matching towels and maybe a nicer holder thing...but towels are expensive, so they may have to wait. Until then, we'll just get dry with non matching towels. Oh the giraffe above the cabinet.....That used to be on our headboard - its not very sturdy and I was tired of it falling off and hitting me or James in the face - so now it has a new home.
I guess I should have gotten the red CHI last year for Christmas...the hand towel rack is new too. Still need new light fixture and faucet.

I covered a piece of canvas with zebra fabric, it was pretty cheap and very simple. The candle holders that we got as a wedding gift worked pretty well, so I kept them there and replaced the blue candle with red.
I didn't take a "before" picture from this view, but this would be as if you were standing in front of the toilet. My bed isn't made...oops....but I wanted to show you where my jewelry went. Its okay for now, I still need to figure something out for my stud earrings but it works. I used 12 key hooks to make that happen.

So how much did this makeover cost? $232.33

For a total makeover in a room, I don' t think that's too bad. That includes everything you see....paint, paint supplies, all accessories (besides the giraffe we already had) rugs, and fabric to make curtains. ACTUALLY - I spent less than that b/c I had enough fabric to make 2 panels of drapes in my bedroom....(I'll post some pics of my room soon) I hope to get a little (very little) back from the garage sale I'm having next month....all the blue stuff and towels will hopefully sell and I can use that $ to buy new towels and possibly new fixtures.

Next on the list.....the kids bathroom & laundry room....stay tuned.


  1. I LOVE it, Case! Doesn't it feel so nice and new and clean? Next time I'm in Humble I'll have to actually go in there and see it in person!

  2. love it! You did great!!! This was a fun post to read :)