Friday, March 18, 2011

Time to get Artsy & Crafty

Stay tuned - I plan to make over my master bathroom this weekend (If I can get my husband to help paint and hang a few items) He rolled his eyes when I came to him all excited like a child that I had these great ideas to spruce our bathroom up. He knows me too well. They are all my ideas and I have full intentions of helping but he knows that he'll be needed more than I think and unless it's his idea to get power tools out and hang things on the walls he's usually not very interested. Last week while I was at work, he and his friend painted the baby boy's room for me and it looks GREAT!! So now I'm in paint and get things looking good mode...and he's over painting already. I even asked Terry, his friend if James said no would he come help me...he's unemployed at the moment and helps James out from time to time with AC work so he knows we'll pay him for any help he does around our house! He's a good worker, and maybe b/c I'm not his wife (he's not married) he doesn't argue with me, like James does. LOL

I've got my lists made out for Home Depot, Joann's fabric, and Hobby Lobby - I wish I didn't have to work today so I could get my shopping done without the 2 year old that insists on walking, and touching things in the stores. It would be a much quicker trip without her.

I got some great ideas from Home and Garden online and I'm ready to execute them! I even got some ideas from another blog about painting old light fixtures to give them a fresh new look. Hopefully this is a successful weekend in my really needs a face lift! (Our bathroom and the hall bathroom are the only rooms that have never been painted, decorated, loved, or touched) After my bathroom is done and fabulous, I'll work on the "Kids" Bathroom, that also is the guest bathroom if anyone is over....

I hope to post some "Before & After" pictures along with some of the how to's on the projects I am doing!

The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is a cute way to hang jewelry so that it can be displayed and off the counter top, but still look cute. I also wanted to find of those "rack" things that hang on the wall that will hold my blow dryer and flat iron....hmm.......any ideas?


  1. Do you just want to hang necklaces? If so, you can get a cute key rack and attach that to the wall! I'm not sure about the "rack" thing for your hair dryer and flat you know what I do with mine (along with a lot of other stuff)? I have a cloth shoe hanger hanging on the back or our bathroom door, and that's where most of my stuff goes. I don't like stuff under the cabinet, so all of the pockets in the hanger are a perfect solution for me!

  2. tell me more about this key rack - where do I get one? Also, I like my hair dryer and stuff to say plugged in, I'm just lazy like that. I've seen these shelves that you hang on the wall, above the plug, or where you use them most, and they have 2 holes, a bigger one that your dryer fits into, and then a smaller one that holds the iron....I'll post pics when I find one....or build one....

  3. Thanks for the mention! I clicked on to see what fixtures you were talking about....and it was MY blog! You are too kind! Such an easy and cheap solution...I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it!