Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids/Guest Bathroom Makeover

So I re-did the 2nd bathroom in our house this past weekend! I am especially proud b/c I did it 100% by myself, including the paint. James was working most of the weekend so it was up to me if I wanted it done....and I wanted it done. Now. I wanted it to be cute for my kids, but not frogs or ducks b/c this is the bathroom that guests go into when they are at my house. I used the same paint I used in baby boy's room (which I will post before and after pictures of that soon) b/c I just loved the color. I think with the blue walls and tan (sandy) Curtain it looks like a beach.

This bathroom had zero fixtures either. I'm not sure why the builder skimped out on towel and toilet paper racks.....Originally I had planned to do my master bath in a beach theme a while back. So I bought a few things but decided to go a different direction. I figured the things I had would go well in this bathroom. I am please with how it turned out!!

I hung the towel racks and pictures myself and I must say, I did a great job! James said they were very sturdy! I love using power tools! I asked if they made pink ones....he's going to look into it for me!

The light fixture is actually new! We replaced it a few years ago when we replaced all the other light fixtures (for some reason we didn't do our bathroom though). The sink faucet still needs to be replaced though.

Here are some closer up pictures. I love the canvas beach pictures and I think they go well in here, with the little splashes of color! (see I installed a TP holder too!! GO ME!) And I finally found a place to hang our cute beach picture with our names!!

Now, I realized some things while doing this bathroom. While I had a tape measure and level out, I started noticing that the cabinet above the toilet is not centered above the toilet...its not even centered between the mirror and the shower...?? The toilet is not centered between the sink vanity and the shower.....and the light fixture is not centered above the mirror.....what the heck happened in this bathroom? I had a real hard time hanging the picture above the toilet b/c I couldn't decide if I should center it with the toilet, or the cabinet.....I ended up choosing the toilet. I stood there as if I was a man going potty and figured it looked better that way. (sounded silly actually typing that out, but at the time it seemed like a logical way of thinking)

I spent $150 in this bathroom. I'm a little embarrassed about that b/c I should have spent less. I found what I wanted at Target and didn't even look at prices as I was throwing it in the basket. When I got home and looked at the receipt, I was shocked....$12.99 for a soap dispenser, $9.99 for a dang towel...that is SO not like me. I even bought a non matching trash can & shower curtain b/c I did noticed they were expensive, but somehow the soap dispenser made it in the buggy. $150 just seems like a lot for me b/c the paint, and the 4 pictures on the walls I already had....I only bought a large towel, 2 hand towels, the wash rag set, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, trashcan, shower curtain, curtain rings, and the rug. Oh, and the towel, hand towl, tp holders. It was a lot less items then I purchased for my master bath....but I shopped sale items and Hobby Lobby for most of that.

I do love the way it turned out so I'll eat my $150 and move on. Decorating is expensive and I knew that.....I'v got more projects on the list too....I gotta start bargain shopping!


  1. I think it turned out really good!
    I wish I had your energy!

    P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture above your toilet!!

  2. The bathroom looks the color and the towels!!