Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Before & After

So as you know our house is on the market to be sold. We already have a contract on our new house & we are supposed to close July 31st (giving us some time to sell ours. Pray, pray hard that it sells soon!). We've had 5 showings in 2 weeks & over 650 online views. Jackie, our realtor says that's great & she is hopeful that it will sell quickly! Anyway, Jackie was able to pull the original online listing of our home & send me pictures. I forgot how plane & dirty our house was when we bought it. It was a foreclosure & it looked like the previous owners trashed the place before they left. I made a few collages to show before & after. I did all of this from my phone so excuse the horrible quality!
James built a HUGE 26x26 covered patio on the back of our house, all wired with speakers, fans and recessed lights. I was so proud of him for thinking and creating this!! We have spent MANY hours outside here and a few birthday parties. I'm going to miss our outdoor space, seriously!! 
We upgraded all the fixtures, put hard wood floors in & painted. 
Masterbath and Breakfast room
I'm going to miss my baby's first bedrooms. This is so emotional!! 


  1. These are great! I love the collages. You will be glad you documented this.