Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our House

I love seeing houses. New houses, old houses, model name it! If you invite me into your home for a tour I will never say no!! So, with that said, I'll show you some picture of my house, that we are now selling. It would be easy to just post the online listing of our house, but that would be putting my address out there and I'm not cool with that. This is our very first home. We purchased it a month after our wedding (almost 5 years ago!!) Enjoy the pictures!
Welcome to our home!

Entry way. Cori & Levi's rooms, and bathroom are to the right, the dining/office to the left

 Living Room, the French Doors go out to the back yard.

the open squares look into the kitchen

Dining room that we use as an office for James. Wait until you see his office at the new house!! 

Master Bed Room

My crazy red & zebra bathroom. I think this was one of those bad pregnant decisions. Even though I still like it, what in the world was I thinking painting RED on the walls? My Realtor says she likes it too, so we didn't paint over it before we listed our house. 

My sweet Levi's room. 

Cori's Room

The kid's bathroom

Our grand patio! Jackie says this will sell our house!

We have loved having this pool, but the pool at the new house is much better! 

We sure are going to miss this place but the new house has more to offer and a lot more property!! I can't wait to post about that!!


  1. This made ME emotional too! The house looks so beautiful -- I wish we could buy it from you! Your deck and backyard are perfect :-)

  2. Awe... it is so pretty! You did a great job decorating, and I LOVE your patio!!!

    I can't wait for the virtual tour of the new home too!