Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I have the greatest daddy anyone could ask for! He is over protective, over opinionated, and beyond crazy!! He would give anything he had to someone in need, but he'd rather teach you how to get it yourself. He can sell socks to a man with no feet. Everyone loves him. He knows everyone....and when I say everyone, I mean it. He will run into someone he knows everywhere we go - even in other cities & states. He is definitely a good person to know too. He's sneaky and sometimes we wonder if he thinks he is the neighborhood police officer. If I ever find myself in trouble, I know who to call first - even though he has said it a million times "If you get in trouble b/c your too stupid to what's right, don't call me" He doesn't say I love you or show much affection, but we all know he loves us very much. He will say what is on his mind and he doesn't care who he offends. Sometimes it's embarrassing, but most of the time he says what we are all thinking, but too afraid to say it out loud. He love his grandbabies more than anything else I can think of, even my brother and me. We got the back burner when I had Cori. They are lucky to have him too.

We don't have many pictures of my dad smiling....something was obviously funny!
Me, Dad & Brother, Stewart

Always ready for a good time...yes, that is a T-shirt under his jacket...
He lost a bet & had to wear this to my cousin's wedding!
Mowing the yard!
He can not wait for Levi to grow up a little and go  hunting and fishing!
He calls Levi his little side kick! 

Filla Filla Rides!

 I love you Daddy-O, Happy Father's Day!! 


  1. I LOVE that black and white picture! This was a perfect description of your dad -- he is so funny!

  2. That first picture is priceless!!