Thursday, June 14, 2012


I typed in the word "Organization" into Pinterest and let me tell you, I am having SO much fun looking around. I visited my friend Ashley when she lived in FL and she was OCD organized, but ever since, I have been inspired to stay more organized and I am actually good and it and really enjoy it. You already know that we are buying a new house and, oh my, my mind is going 100 mph thinking of all the possibilities of decorating, organizing, and creating a new home for us. I have about 253 projects listed out on the notepad of my iPhone and most of them go along with pins from Pinterest. Oh Pinterest you are so dangerous but so cool. I try to get James to look at my boards but he is very uninterested - typical guy, I suppose. He says we will broke, old and tired if I complete all the things I have in mind. I'm trying my best to convince him that each and every one is necessary - even the chandelier in the master cute {okay, maybe he's right, maybe I am crazy} There are TWO closets in the master bedroom and I have some big plans for mine! The kids each have built in desks and shelves in their rooms and those are gonna be cute painting in their closets silly? I don't think so. I have BIG plans for the kitchen, but that will be a big spender. It needs some major upgrades and renovation. I don't consider that one of my projects. I'll let James handle that one. How do pick a place to start in the new house? I guess I should take it one step at a time and the first step will actually be moving into the house....until then I will keep pinning, dreaming, and annoying my husband with all my ramble. I can't wait. I'm beyond excited.

Ashley, I wish you lived closer! I bet you'd LOVE to come help me organize. I'm sure I still have a ton to learn from you. One day when your girls are in school, I hope you become a professional organizer. I bet a lot of people would appreciate your OCD when it comes to that!! I miss you and can't wait to see you next week!!!!

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  1. You are too kind! I would love, more than anything, to be around to help you move in and organize! We can pore over your Pinterest ideas in a couple of days!