Friday, June 10, 2011

9 on 10

This is my first 10 on 10:

take one photo an hour for ten hours on the tenth day of the month and then post the photos on your blog - capture a snapshot of the ordinary beauty of a simple day in your life!

Here goes nothing - Sorry my 10 on 10 is super boring as I sit at a desk from 8-5. Oh well. I tried!!

I started late so you didn't get a morning picture of my adorable daughter, instead you get my view sitting at my desk. I look at her picture and smile all day long! The flowers in the "flower pot" are actually pens so no one walks off with them!! 8:20am

 I am in the process of chunking my old address book. I am little by little entering all names and addresses into my iPad - its a chore!! 9:20am

 Jeans and flip flops at work - that's my kinda job!! 10:20am

Hello, Levi. You sure are a big boy! I love your kicks & rolls. You make my day! (33W3D) 11:20am

I actually got out of the office today for lunch! I met my mom & Bridget at Little Mexico for some yummy enchilada's. My only regret was not getting some sopapillas for desert. I have such a sweet tooth right now! 12:20pm

So you can't see in the picture (unless you enlarge it) but the street sign says Will Clayton Pkwy. I have been up and down Will Clayton now since 1993 - My parents house (where I grew up) is off Will Clayton, My house now is off Will Clayton, I work off Will Clayton, Cori's daycare is on Will Clayton - If you fly in to IAH, you will drive on Will Clayton. I make my town sound small with only one main road but in fact that is not the case, its just the road most traveled by me!  1:20pm

These are the best cookies! Nice afternoon snack to fill my need for sweets! 2:20pm

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPad? It's a slow day at work (like all Friday's) so I'm able to read some from my book I purchased through iTunes. If you are looking for a hilarious, easy read (and racy at points) read the Chelsea Handler books.  I've read 2 of her older books and just purchased her 3rd book. They keep me laughing, that's for sure!! 3:20pm

I'm running out of ideas here! This is just a picture of my office. I'm waiting patiently on 5 O'clock! TGIF! 4:20pm

Okay, So I have 9 on 10. I will go ahead and post this b/c chances are I wont get back on blogger again until Monday. If I think about it, I'll log in real quick tonight and edit this to add the 10th picture that I will take at 5:20pm. 

I hope everyone enjoy's their weekend! 


  1. Love it!!
    So you work really close to home?? I envy that! It takes Lance and I both an hour each way! :/

  2. Holly you made me curious of how close I work to home so I google mapped it and I work 2.7 miles from home! Cori's daycare is about dead center of that!! When she was tiny I would spend my lunch breaks @ the daycare loving on her! The people there probably thought I was nuts!

  3. I love how you did your pictures- so cool! Your lunch looks yummy- mexican is my fave! Oh how I want an ipad!!! Lucky you!

  4. Kerri - do you have an iPhone? I took all my pictures from my iPhone using an app called Hipstamatic. I think Holly & Kristen use it too. Its a super cool photo app! And if you ever get a chance, get an iPad! They are totally awesome!