Friday, June 10, 2011

Scatter Brain

Next Blog:
So I feel a little pathetic, and a bit stalker-ish but I had fun. I learned from Holly a while back that you can hit "Next Blog" at the top of your dashboard page and see random blogs. Well I cam across someones with a cute little baby and family and started reading....then I took it to a whole different level. I started reading from her very first blog in 2007!! It took me a few days to get through it all (reading here and there while I had some down time at work) but I finally finished it all. I feel like I know her, her family, and pretty much everything about her! It was fun and it gave me something to do to kill time - so whatever. Kristen, you'd probably really enjoy her blog b/c most of the time she was living in VA and posted a lot on her different outings in D.C. and around that area. I had no idea there was SO much to do there, and the pictures she takes are incredible! I am adding D.C. to my list of places to visit! It looks beautiful!!! Check her out! Her name is Andrea - she's a good writer, and a frequent blogger!

Swim Lessons:
Cori started swimming lessons on Monday. I was super excited to get her involved with something and now with us having a pool at home, swim lessons seemed like the perfect "activity" for her! She is not afraid of the water, although she isn't a fan of going under the water. She has 12 scheduled lessons, 2x a week for 6 weeks. (hopefully Levi holds out until her last class so she doesn't miss any). She says she is having fun and she really seems to like her instructor. I was scared at first b/c as soon as Miss Shelby (a new high school graduate) got Cori in the water she immediately dunked her under....Cori came up and very loudly (with a Miss Priss attitude) said "HEY!!! DON'T DO THAT!!!!" James and I had a good laugh - Shelby continued dunking her. I asked her later if she as upset that she had to go underwater and she said that she was b/c she doesn't like the water in her eyes. I need to get her some goggles, perhaps. I don't want to tell them NOT to dunk her b/c all the other kids are being dunked too - I know its a part of learning. Even with the dunking, Cori says she can't wait to go back!

Yesterday after work I was so hot and sweaty and just super blah! After leaving work and getting into a car that is prob 115 degrees then getting out not even a mile down the road to get Cori from day care, then unloading everything at home - I feel like all of this happens before the car even cools off. Cori asked if we could go swimming and I couldn't think of any reason to say no - so into the pool we went. James was working late so I sent him this picture:

with a text saying "Na Na Na Na Boo Boo - You are working, we are swimming!!" 

Childish right? HaHa. 

10 on 10:
I'm going to try it for the first time today! I wish I would have started earlier to get a picture of Cori getting ready or dropping her off at daycare! My pictures will probably be very boring today b/c I sit in the same place all day at my desk....I'll have to get creative! I don't know how to "link" up though. Can y'all help me with that? 


  1. Yay!! I'm glad you and Kristen are doing 10 on 10-- it is so fun!

    I have no idea how to 'link' either... so I just don't! ;)

  2. I'll add Andrea to follow :) You need to visit DC at least once. It's pretty neat!

    I wish I would have gotten Kensley into some swim lessons. It's just too hard with Kallie too- I don't think I'd be able to do it. Seems like everything here requires a parents. So we can't do it. Kallie is NOT scared of the water. At all. So I have to watch her like a hawk.

    And yay for 10 on 10! I've been doing it.... eeeek! Gotta get my 1:00 picture now! :)

  3. You just copy and paste your blog onto the ten on ten can find the link on my blog. Even if you don't link I'm...I look forward to seeing your ten on ten! Yay!