Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Lady

Cori is doing so well at her swim lessons! She's been to 4 classes and I can already see improvement! She isn't complaining about going under water much and last night she floated on her back, all by herself, for 15 seconds! I didn't get a picture, and I actually didn't see it either (Bad momma, I know, I was texting my out of town boss about things that needed to get done today....) James saw it though and claims he thought I was paying attention so he didn't think to tell me to look...Maybe I can see next time!

This is a video of her "diving" in, turning around and swimming back to the side and getting out....of course she is assisted with all of this now...but the goal is to have her doing it on her own. She did this about 6 times and never got mad about going under the water!  (I just watched this and its very dark and hard to see so I apologize - I'll do better next time. Also, we are on the other side of a glass wall from her so that is why its so quiet.)

My stupid Armada is in the shop AGAIN for brake issues! I'm not really sure whats going on with it, but it is really frustrating and a little scary! The emergency brake light comes on randomly while I'm driving and makes the anti lock (ABS??) breaks kick in and my truck starts shaking and trying to the middle of the road. If I can make it to a red light, I can turn my truck off then on again and it goes away, but eventually will happen again....I hope they get it right this time b/c I can not have me and my kids in a car that has BRAKE issues...of all things. I told James that even though I have only had the truck since November I am considering getting rid of it and getting into something else. He says I'm crazy...but his mind is thinking financially crazy not safety. So this week I am driving one of my dads trucks - a little single cab Ford. I think its like a 1998 model. I'm not complaining b/c I don't have to pay for a rental (My car has been in the shop since Monday night) but its small. Cori likes it though b/c she thinks its so cool to ride in the front seat, next to me! She asks if we can hold hands while I can I say no? I love holding hands with her and I cherish it b/c I know it won't last for ever! Oh, she asks for kisses at red lights too! It it weird to be IN LOVE with your kid?

I got my new laptop for work ordered today, along with some portable filing tote, things. I am slowly but surely getting organized around here to be gone for maternity leave, if you want to call it that. I will be taking a lot of my work responsibilities home with me on leave. The temp starts on July 5th and I only plan to train/show her around for about a week then I am calling it quits. I am so exhausted and sitting in one position at work all day kills me. She will be doing minimal tasks like answering phones, filing, and other small things so it shouldn't take her long at all to catch on (I hope) She is the daughter of a man that works here and she just graduated High School earlier this month. This will be her first job. I hope she's a quick learner. My plan is not to come back to work until October 3rd.

Went to my 34 week appointment yesterday. My Dr. Said now I am measuring a week ahead. So at 30 weeks I was 2 weeks ahead, at 32 weeks I was right on track, and now, at 34 weeks I'm a week ahead again. I lost a lb in the last 2 weeks too. She scheduled me for an ultrasound at 36 weeks to weigh and measure Levi so we get a better idea of how big he will be. She and I both hope to keep him closer to 8lbs. Cori was 8.14 and I had a hard time delivering her so I am hoping for a bit smaller this time. Dr. Boyd agrees that smaller will be better! As of now she is not changing my due date and it remains July 25th.

That's all I've got for now, I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!

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