Tuesday, June 28, 2011

36 Weeks

We went this morning to get one last ultrasound to measure and weigh Levi to get an estimate of how big he is. My Dr. and I have talked and since I had such a hard time delivering Cori, she wants to keep a better eye on him to make sure that he doesn't get too big. (Cori was 8lbs 14oz) I will meet with my Dr. tomorrow and she will go over the ultrasound with me and give me a better idea of if and when she will induce labor early. The ultrasound tech estimated his weight is around 6lbs 5oz (a bit under 6.5lbs) and he should be gaining a 1/2 a lb every week. She kept kept reminding us that this was her best estimate by the measurements she took, but the the Dr. would look at them more closely and give a more accurate estimate. So he could be bigger or smaller. (I guess she is just trained to take the measurements, but not necessarily trained to read them??) This makes me feel a little better, I seriously thought I had a baby elephant growing in my tummy - I am anxious to see what Dr. Boyd says tomorrow. As of now my due date is still July 25th but with the heat and my huge-ness I am praying for a tiny bit earlier than that! I would like to go into labor on my own this time, but I am definitely not against being induced if that means a week or so early!! Besides, I am such a planner that being induced eases my mind and gives me the opportunity to get everything in line and in order....going into labor on my own scares me!! I don't like feeling like things are out of wack! 

I will post tomorrow what the Dr. Says. 


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